2016 Bassman Spring Triathlons

Bass River State Forest is located only an hour from Philadelphia and one hour and a half from the Verrazano Bridge in NYC. The swim is in the calm and clear waters of Absegami Lake with the start on a well maintained and clean beach area. It will probably be one of your most enjoyable swims. The water temperature has always been in the upper sixties for either the spring or the fall event. We strongly recommend you wear a wetsuit. The bike course is primarily right turns on country roads with wide shoulders. The mile run course is a fast flat run with lots of shade and on the roads and paths of the campground area of the Bass River State Park. You will enjoy every segment and finish to a crowd of spectators who can hang out around the picnic tables and playground near the transition area. Enjoy!

Bassman Half Distance Triathlon 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tri distance: 1.2MS/56MB/13.1MR

Du distance: 3.1 MR/56MB/ 13.1 MR

Aquabike distance: 1.2 MS/56 MB

Bass River State Forest, NJ

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Bassman Int’l  & Sprint Dist. Triathlon 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Int’l Tri distance: .6MS/29.9MB/5.1MR

Int’l Du distance: 3.1MR/29.9MB/5.1MR

Sprint Tri distance: .35MS/12.8MB/3.1MR

Bass River State Forest, N.J.

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